Cello Bags

Crystal clear cello bags with printed designs for all occasions.

Cellophane party bags—also called loot bags, goodie/goody bags, favor bags, or treat bags—are food-safe and great for candy, pretzels, nuts, and all kinds of food. Use to create party favors for birthdays, weddings, and events or buy in bulk and use in a retail store setting to package your gourmet creations. Cello bags add a professional touch to all of your homemade baked goods, and treats, and are perfect for holiday gift giving. All of our polypropylene (poly) bags are gusseted to expand and hold more than flat bags.
Clear Cello Bag No. CG2740 $0.12 - $0.50 View Product
Halloween Ghost
Halloween Ghost Hurry, Almost Gone! Cello Bag No. CG2732 $0.18 - $0.26 View Product
Halloween  Pumpkins
Halloween Pumpkins Cello Bag No. CG2758 $0.18 - $0.26 View Product
Harvest Apples
Harvest Apples Cello Bag No. CG2818 $0.20 - $0.26 View Product
Snowman Cello Bag No. CG2773 $0.18 - $0.60 View Product
Blue Snowmen
Blue Snowmen Hurry, Almost Gone! Cello Bag No. CG2735 $0.18 - $0.26 View Product
Winter Snowflakes
Winter Snowflakes Cello Bag No. CG2746 $0.18 - $0.60 View Product
Christmas Holly
Christmas Holly Cello Bag No. CG2750 $0.18 - $0.60 View Product
Gingerbread Hurry, Almost Gone! Cello Bag No. CG2854 $0.22 - $0.26 View Product
Candy Canes
Candy Canes Cello Bag No. CG2899 $0.18 - $0.60 View Product
Pet Paw Prints Dog Paws
Pet Paw Prints Dog Paws Cello Bag No. CG2897 $0.18 - $0.60 View Product
Cape Cod Nautical
Cape Cod Nautical Hurry, Almost Gone! Cello Bag No. CG2742 $0.18 - $0.20 View Product
Gold Stars
Gold Stars Hurry, Almost Gone! Cello Bag No. CG2772 $0.20 - $0.60 View Product
Under The Sea
Under The Sea Hurry, Almost Gone! Cello Bag No. CG2835 $0.18 - $0.26 View Product
Gold Stripes
Gold Stripes Hurry, Almost Gone! Cello Bag No. CG2877 $0.20 - $0.60 View Product
Red Stripes
Red Stripes Hurry, Almost Gone! Cello Bag No. CG2876 $0.26 View Product
Red Polka Dots
Red Polka Dots Hurry, Almost Gone! Cello Bag No. CG2815 $0.26 View Product
Blue Polka Dots
Blue Polka Dots Hurry, Almost Gone! Cello Bag No. CG2819 $0.26 View Product
USA Patriotic Stars
USA Patriotic Stars Cello Bag No. CG2871 $0.22 - $0.26 View Product
Party Balloons
Party Balloons Hurry, Almost Gone! Cello Bag No. CG2838 $0.18 - $0.60 View Product
Festivity Cello Bag No. CG2727 $0.18 - $0.60 View Product
Smiley Face
Smiley Face Hurry, Almost Gone! Cello Bag No. CG2731 $0.18 - $0.26 View Product
Red Hearts
Red Hearts Cello Bag No. CG2824 $0.18 - $0.60 View Product
Valentine Hearts
Valentine Hearts Hurry, Almost Gone! Cello Bag No. CG2860 $0.18 - $0.26 View Product
Easter Eggs
Easter Eggs Cello Bag No. CG2836 $0.18 - $0.26 View Product
Pastel Floral
Pastel Floral Hurry, Almost Gone! Cello Bag No. CG2751 $0.26 View Product
School Days Crayon Goodie Bag
School Days Crayon Goodie Bag Sweet Treat Bag No. CG2904 $0.50 View Product
Metallic Twist Ties
Metallic Twist Ties Colored Twist Ties in 3 Colors No. TWIST $0.06 View Product
Cello bags are great for any special occasion!
  • Christmas, Holiday or New Years Parties: Give cookies, candy or other tokens of appreciation to coworkers, students, family members and friends at your year-end celebrations.
  • Bridal Showers: Perfect to give away to the winner of a bridal shower game, or send guests home with the bride's favorite treats.
  • Wedding Favors: Give thoughtful wedding favors on a budget! Wrap up some fresh-baked, homemade cookies from the family recipe box in an inexpensive cello bag for an affordable wedding favor for your guests.
  • Baby Showers: Send family and friends home with the extra baked goods in a goodie bag from your celebration.
  • Birthday Parties: Every child loves getting a party favor goodie bag after a birthday party or sleepover. Hand out your child's favorite cookies or small toys and tie it up with a metallic twist tie.
  • Classroom Favors: Give your students something sweet at your next class party. Handing out baked goods in cello bags will help keep your classroom nice and tidy!
  • Bake Sales: Whether it's at your church, school or a not-for-profit community fundraising effort, bake sales are a great way to make your organization money. Wrap up your cookies, muffins, cupcakes, candies and breads in a festive cello bag for a beautiful showcase.
  • Fundraisers: Help raise money for your favorite school, church or non-profit organization by selling homemade baked goods, small party favors or candy, all wrapped up in an economical cello bag.
  • Craft Packaging: Cello bags are perfect for packaging your artistic and crafty creations. Use these bags at craft shows, art fairs, or when shipping your orders to customers.
  • Other goody bag uses: Gift bags, thank you treat bag, Easter egg hunts, stocking stuffer, snack bag, tea party treat bag, halloween candy bag, bakery bags, dog and cat treat bags at the vet, animal shelter or specialty pet store… the possibilities are endless for these all-occasion cellophane bags!